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Media and Research Skills Class

7th Grade, Session 2


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Media and Research Skills Class for 6th and 7th Graders

Students will learn to:


  • Recognize the need for information
  • Know how to access information (in the library and online)
  • Understand how to evaluate information (especially important online!)
  • Know how to use information effectively 
  • Be able to communicate information & cite it properly


We will cover the organization of the MS Library/Media Center, including using Alexandria, accessing everything on the school website, understanding the Dewey Decimal System and the basics of doing research.

Students will create Dewey Word Clouds and play Dewey Decimal games.  Students will also learn how to use various reference sources, including World Book online, eLibrary,  History Study Center, CultureGrams, do research, and learn to cite their sources.


Video to Watch Today


Evaluating Websites
*Evaluating Websites using CRAAP


Website Evaluation @EasyBib

Research Links:
MS Web & Research Link

*World Book online

Keep Track of Your Sources

Sample Bibliography

BibMe (to create a bibliography)


Reliable Sources? / Fake or real information?
Download GOOGLE worksheet here

GOOGLE (search engine)

Evaluating Websites Video

Which source is reliable, which is fake?


Reliable Research Sources
World Book


CIA World Factbook

Countries of the World (InfoPlease)


Fact vs Opinion

Fun Facts (Weird but True)

Fact or Opinion Quiz

Fact and Opinion Powtoon

Fact vs Opinion Video

Fact vs Opinion Song

How to Spot Fake News


Digital Citizenship

*Digital Etiquette

Privacy Pirates (Internet safety)

Through the Wild Web Woods (Internet Safety)

Digital Compass (Digital Citizenship)

Evelyn's Expedition (Facts vs Opinions)

---->Jo Cool or Jo Fool?:

    •Take the Tour, then
    •Take the Quiz


Your Digital Footprint
Your Digital Footprint (video)

Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint

Advertising or Facts?
Tricks Advertisers Use

Buying Smart (PBS Kids)

Can you spot the hidden ads?

Did these products sell?

Create your own ad





Songs & Videos
How to Paraphrase

The Dewey Rap

Big 6 Song

How to do Research

How to Make a Works Cited Page (Bibliography)

Copyright & Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism & How to Avoid It

Don't Plagiariazzle Song


Here are some good search engines:


Sample Bibliography #1

A Sample Bibliography #2

Don't Plagiariazzle Song

BibMe (to create a bibliography)

Citation for Beginners

Sources for your Bibliography

**Sources for Bibliography worksheet
      (access this using Firefox; open in Word; fill in the answers; save it to "Documents")

Purpose of Assignment (6th)

Research Project Requirements (6th)


For Fun (& learning)

My Blue Robot (Create an Avatar that you can download)

Tagul (create a Word Cloud in a shape)

Voki (create an avatar that speaks)

Privacy Pirates (Internet safety)

What Genre are You?

Research Terms

Research Crossword

Library Terms (mult choice)

Library Terms (matching)

Library Skills Game


Dewey Decimal System

Tagul (create a Word Cloud in a shape)

Dewey Browse (browse the Internet using the Dewey Decimal System)

*Dewey Crossword

*Dewey Challenge

*How Much Dewey Can You Do?

*Do The Dewey

Hotel Library Manhattan (inspired by the Dewey Decimal System)

Dewey Rap

Dewey Theme Park



*Ask a Question?