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Foods 2 Weekly Assigments:

Week 1:  Intro to Class, Food Pyramid, Chapter 10 Vocab, Power Point 3/4, Text-pages 134 and outline, Nutrition Video. Socrative Review, Puzzle Review,

Quiz 1

Week 2: My Pyramid Power Point, Text-pages 134/135, Choose My Plate Video, Choose My Plate Color Sheet, Five Food Groups Poster, Book 135, Fruit Salad Prep and lab, Book-pages 137-140, Puzzle Review 2, Socrative Review , Quiz 2

Week 3:  Power Point-Nutrition, text-pg 17, Five Food Groups Poster, Text-pg 140-141, Nutrition Facts Panel-pg 20, Food label Video and outline, pg. 136 and outline, , Puzzle Review, Meat Prep and Lab, Word find

Week 4:  Socrative, Quiz 3, Text-pg 141-142, Dietary Supplements outline, Power Point-Dietary Supplements, Commercial, Socrative Foods-Quiz 4, Puzzle Review, Quiz 4, Text-pgs 136-137 and outline, grain prep and lab.

Week 5: , Puzzle over Food Groups, Dairy Lab, Final Puzzle, Review Game, Final Project Intro (Five Food Group Power Point) Quiz 4

Week 6: Meal Planning: Students will work in groups and create a Meal Planning Project. Vegetable Prep and lab.

Week 7: Board Games: Students will work in groups and create a board game over all the material covered in the quarter

Week 8: Students will play board games and prepare for final

Week 9: Final Test and turn in Food Final Packets