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High School Choir


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Choir Handbook



Classroom Expectations:


  1. Leave backpacks on the floor by the band instrument storage after entering class.
  2. Get your choir folder and be seated before the bell rings.  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, then you are tardy.
  3. Please have a pencil in your music folder at all times.  Pencils need to be sharpened before class starts.  It might be a good idea to have several pencils.  Only mark in your music with pencil!
  4. No food, drink, gum or candy is allowed in the music room. 
  5. When rehearsing, please pay attention even if I am not working with your section.  You may learn something that applies to you and your section.  Please refrain from talking when I’m not working with you. 
  6. Cell phones are not allowed in out during class.  Please leave them in your backpack!  If I have to take your phone away, you may collect it from the office after school.  You are welcome to store your phone in the phone box during class time if you would like.
  7. Respect the opinions and ability levels of every student in the class.  We function as a team and all members need to be respectful of each other.  “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”
  8. When there is a substitute or guest in the classroom, please show him/her your utmost respect. 
  9. In this class we will sing and become better musicians.  This is not a study hall or free time for you on your electronic devices. 
  10. I expect you to give your best effort every day! 




  1. Daily Attendance/Participation Points (4 points each day):  Students earn these points by coming to class on time, being prepared with their folder/pencil and by participating in all classroom activities.
  2. Part Checks (10 points):  Students will be periodically assessed on their individual parts throughout the learning process.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of the music literature through live part checks in class and individual part checks submitted via Garage Band using the i-Pad.  If students are unhappy with their grade, they may come in before or after school to redo the part check.  This time will be scheduled with Mrs. Beyl.
  3. Concerts/Performances (50 points):  Students are expected to participate in all Concerts and Performances.  Students need to be on time, dressed appropriately according to the expected attire and demonstrate proper concert etiquette during the entire concert.
  4. Quizzes/Assessments/Projects/Assignments:  Will be graded accordingly.  Students will have adequate class time to work on assignments and projects.
  5. Grading Scale:  The grading scale used in choir is the same grading scale outlined in the DC West Student-Parent Handbook.

Percentage                Achievement

94-100%                   A = Excellent

87-93%                      B = Good

77-86%                      C = Average

70-76%                      D = Below Average

0-69%                        F = Failing



Performance Attendance:


Performances are an integral part of being in choir as they are the final presentation of our hard work in class.  During performances, students are united in their efforts as a group.  I cannot duplicate the public performance experience for those students who are absent.  Please make every effort to have your student at every scheduled concert/performance.  Every choir student is important and plays a vital role in our team and in our performance success!  If you know you will miss a concert because of travel or a conflict with another school activity, you must fill out and return the “Request for an Excused Absence Form” to Mrs. Beyl in order to set up a make-up opportunity.


The following rules apply to performances:


  1. All performances are required.
  2. Work schedules need to be adjusted!!  Take this concert schedule to your employer now and request these days off!  An absence due to a student working is always unexcused.
  3. Students will not be excused because they do not have a ride.  If this is an issue, please let me know and I will help figure out a car pool.
  4. Make sure you fill out the “Request for an Excused Absence” form if you have a conflict with a performance date.  The sooner you get your request in, the better!  This form is attached at the back of this packet.




  1. Music will be given to each student.  It is up to the student to keep track of his/her music using the assigned folder.  Music will be turned in after performances. 
  2. Please label your music with your name (in pencil).  In the event that you lose your music, it then can be returned to the rightful owner.
  3. You are responsible for having your folder in class everyday.  If you take your music home and forget to bring it back, you will lose half of your participation points for that day.
  4. You are welcome and encouraged to mark in your music with PENCIL only!
  5. You are responsible for your music!  If your music is not turned in following a performance, you will responsible for paying the replacement cost.  (Usually around $3 per copy plus shipping costs)  Students will be notified each quarter of any fines incurred due to lost or damaged music.


Classroom Equipment


  1. We share the music room with the band.  Please do not touch anything that does not belong to you!  If you don’t own it, don’t touch it!!
  2. Teacher’s desks, offices and phones are off limits to students.
  3. Respect the effort that goes into keeping a clean classroom environment!  A lot of students use the music room. We need to leave the room in better shape than the way we found it!


Concert Attire:


  1. Students will be assigned a choir robe to wear for performances.  The student is responsible for this robe for the school year.  After performances, it is up to the student to make sure the robe is properly hung up and stored for the next performance.
  2. All women need to wear dress clothes that follow the school dress code.  No jeans or tennis shoes are allowed.  Women are asked to wear black closed toed dress shoes with little to no heel.  Black flats are preferred.  If wearing a skirt or dress,  please wear nude colored pantyhose.  Leggings/yoga pants are not dress clothes!
  3. All men need to wear black dress pants and a collared shirt that follow the school dress code.  No jeans or tennis shoes are allowed.  If you choose to wear a tie, please make sure it compliments our red and black choir robes.  Men please wear black dress socks and black dress shoes for performances.



Honor Choirs:


Students may have the opportunity to audition for honor choirs throughout the year.  Students will have to commit to extra practice time at home and at school.  Students need to be in good academic standing in order to miss school for participation in honor choirs.  Students are responsible for the participation fees that are charged by each honor choir.



Community Performances/National Anthem:


Students may be asked to participate in performances for the community or asked to perform the National Anthem prior to a school sporting activity.  I will give as much advanced notice as possible for such performances.  Students are expected to be at these performances and absences must be excused in advance. 





Request for an Excused Absence

DC West High School Choir


I have a conflict with the following choir date and would like to request an excused absence.  I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate my request as soon as I know of the conflict.  Requests submitted the day of the event are not permitted.  I understand that if my request is approved, I must meet the requirements for making up the event within one week of my absence.


Student Name:                                                                                                                     


Date of Absence:                                                                                                                  


Reason for Absence:  (work is not an excused absence)                                                             








Proposed date for make up:                                                  Time:                                   


Student Signature:                                                                  Date:                                    


Parent Signature:                                                                    Date:                                    


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Absence Approved:                                                               Absence Denied:                    


Make Up Singing Rubric:

Right Notes:               4  3  2  1

Tone Quality:             4  3  2  1 

Accurate Rhythm:     4  3  2  1

Preparation:                          4  3  2  1 

Memorized:                4  3  2  1 


Score:                           Grade:                     

A:  19-20  B:  17-18  C:  15-16  D:  13-14  F:  11-12








DC  West  Senior  High

Vocal  Music




I have read and understand the Vocal Music Handbook.  I commit to attend all events listed on the calendar as well as those that arise throughout the school year.


Date:  ____________________________________________________________________________


Student Name (please print):  ________________________________________________


Student Signature:  ____________________________________________________________


Student Email:  _________________________________________________________________



 By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I understand the concepts, expectations and guidelines outlined for my student in the Vocal Music Handbook.  By signing this agreement, I also give permission for my student to participate in the events listed in the handbook as well as those that arise during the 2017-18 school year.


Date:  ____________________________________________________________________________


Parent Name (please print):  _________________________________________________


Parent Signature:  _____________________________________________________________


Parent Email:  __________________________________________________________________


Parent Phone Number:  _______________________________________________________