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7. 16-17 concert songs (last year)


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Kindergarten and 1st Grade Concert Songs

Here you'll find a list of songs from the Music K-8 magazines as well as motions I made up to go along with them.


At the request of one of my 1st grade students who couldn't get enough singing and performing these songs I am now posting our Fall, Winter, and Spring Concert songs.


1st Grade - Fall

October Rocktober - https://youtu.be/FgFyfJIYvwU

Who's Hootin'? - https://youtu.be/5azFNfhIs04

Ten Big Pumpkins - https://youtu.be/YaQXr04MEmY

Mwa Ha Ha - https://youtu.be/do183ao-pGM


Kindergarten - Winter

Christmas Makes Me Sing - https://youtu.be/ziIHJsPb3ok

Snow is Falling Today - https://youtu.be/Z4hmT_X3B8w

I'm a Little Snowflake - https://youtu.be/iDSfJMQw55A

My Red Sled - https://youtu.be/jWS9t5IWG7U


1st Grade - Winter

A Hawaiian Christmas - https://youtu.be/lgSVZrgZ-B4

Holiday Parade - https://youtu.be/dJkQeagGAxQ

I Want to be an Elf - https://youtu.be/N7_x2pk8u5M

Snowman Jump - https://youtu.be/IirIAE0qfOE


Kindergarten - Spring

Rocky Mountain - https://youtu.be/Iq0haL0yEz4

Ten Little Bunnies - https://youtu.be/ZH66KXfsk_o

Love the Summer - https://youtu.be/wt2RXZGGmuQ

Down at the Beach - https://youtu.be/LWl3GFCF1wA


1st Grade - Spring

I Like to Sing - https://youtu.be/EpEfEROdS4Y

Yankee Doodle - https://youtu.be/2CAUCUQfGik

Mister Sun - https://youtu.be/IndZd_oIQ-E

Zebra Zydeco - https://youtu.be/IvtyWTnVg1I