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Your Digital Footprint
*Trillion Dollar Footprint

*What's in Your Digital Footprint?

*Think Before You Post

*What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

*Digital Etiquette

Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint

*Top Secret (Privacy dilemmas)


Sample Bibliography

BibMe (to create a bibliography)


Games (Plagiariasm & Internet Safety)
Goblin threat Plagiarism Game

Interland Game

Through the Wild Web Woods

Privacy Pirates

use "Make a Comic" to teach other kids about Internet Safety


Word Clouds
Tagul (create a Word Cloud in a shape)


My Blue Robot (Create an Avatar that you can download)

Voki (create an avatar that speaks)


Reliable Research Sources (sources we KNOW are reliable)
World Book (username=dcwest213)

CultureGrams (login=77-17192)

eLibrary (login=77-17192)

History Study Center (login=77-17192)

Learning Literature (login=77-17192)


Dewey Decimal System
*DeweySign In Link Jeopardy #1

*Dewey Jeopardy #2

Dewey Decimal You Tube Video

How Much Dewey Can You Do?

Do The Dewey

Hotel Library Manhattan (inspired by the Dewey Decimal System)

Dewey Rap

For Fun (& learning)
*AutoDraw (doodling that guesses what you intended to draw)

Privacy Pirates (Internet safety)

Research Terms

Research Crossword

Library Terms (mult. choice)

Library Terms (matching)

Library Skills Game

Interland Game



Make a Comic teaching kids about Digital Citizenship & your Digital footprint.



*What is copyright?


Copyright Kids

*Citation for Beginners


Avoiding Plagiarism/Paraphrasing

*What is Plagiarism & How to Avoid It

*How to Paraphrase

Don't Plagiariazzle Song


How to Paraphrase

Big 6 Song

How to Make a Works Cited Page (Bibliography)

Copyright & Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism & How to Avoid It

Don't Plagiariazzle Song

The Dewey Rap


Here are some good search engines:



Other search Engine Options (some very interesting ways to search the web, other than Google)


Evaluating Websites
*Evaluating Websites using CRAAP


Credible Websites Video

CRAAP Test Video


Games (Internet Safety)
Interland Game (What is Interland?

Through the Wild Web Woods

Privacy Pirates


Weird Facts
Fun Facts (Weird but True)


Put Books in Order


Evaluating Websites
*Evaluating Websites using CRAAP


Credible Websites Video

CRAAP Test Video


Fact vs Opinion
Fun Facts (Weird but True)

Fact or Opinion Quiz

Fact and Opinion Powtoon

Fact vs Opinion Video

Fact vs Opinion Song

How to Spot Fake News


Digital Citizenship

*Digital Etiquette

Privacy Pirates (Internet safety)

Through the Wild Web Woods (Internet Safety)

Digital Compass (Digital Citizenship)

Evelyn's Expedition (Facts vs Opinions)

---->Jo Cool or Jo Fool?:

    •Take the Tour, then
    •Take the Quiz


Socrative, room = DCWMSLIB